Oji Fibre Solutions (OFS), 2016

Tasman and Kinleith Mills

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and we pride ourselves on working and thinking outside the square. Our teams are constantly looking at ways of engineering solutions more efficiently, with a high degree of safety awareness which ultimately benefits us and our clients. These values have been positively recognised as we are now a panel member for the maintenance of Oji’s Tasman Mill in Kawerau and Kinleith Mill in Tokoroa. 

Sustainability and long term trusted partnerships are not only important values to Oji but are beliefs that we at Page Macrae Engineering share also. Our purpose is to challenge ourselves to understand our customers’ needs and form long term successful partnerships by the way we deliver our services. We will always stand behind the quality of our work and will never turn away when the going gets tough.

Delivering a reliable, quality service to the Oji Mill sites is regarded as of the utmost importance right through to the highest level in our team. Our point of difference is in the way we deliver our services, striving for excellence in whatever we do.

We have a great depth of experience and skill in our team with many long-serving employees – this is just one of the many reasons we have been engineering solutions for our clients for the past 60 years and will continue on for the next 60 years – we are here for the long haul.

Carter Holt Harvey - Kinleith Mill, 2012

No.4 White Liquor Clarifier

After being involved in numerous repairs on this particular Clarifier over previous years, discussion took place around the idea of a new #4 White Liquor Clarifier at CHH’s (now Oji Fibre Solutions) Kinleith Mill in Tokoroa. The Clarifier materials were in a sad state of repair so a  new Clarifier made from 2304 Duplex Stainless Steel was proposed instead of the current carbon steel material.

The challenge for our client was the window to replace the Clarifier and where to build it. It was not viable to build it elsewhere and transport it due to its size and the fact that they needed to reuse the existing concrete base. We solved this by building the new Clarifier on the main road inside the Mill adjacent to the existing tank.   This had its own challenges: room to fabricate, services under the road, road closure, transfer of the tank once built, and having a ‘cone down floor’. The other major challenge they had was the window to swap the new Clarifier over after demolishing the old one; the period for this was only 14 days.

Our ability to ‘think outside the square’ to come up with an approved solution along with our reliability based on previous successful projects for this client resulted in us being awarded this contract.