Our facilities are situated on a 4 hectare site in Mount Maunganui's Industrial area. The location of our facilities is in close proximity to the Port of Tauranga which reduces transport costs and together with large workshops and lay down areas, allows us to manufacture projects of all sizes to all destinations.

With over 9,000m² of covered workshops, all equipped with the most up to date plant and together with a team of over 160 employees, we have the facilities and resources to tackle any project.



 Combined Area - 8,000m²
 Gantry Capacities:
       15 x 1 tonne
         4 x 2 tonne

         1 x 3 tonne
         7 x 5 tonne
         3 x 10 tonne
         1 x 10 tonne aux 2 tonne
         1 x 15 tonne
         1 x 25 tonne aux 5 tonne



 Area - 1,000m²
 Gantry Capacities:
         2 x 6 tonne
         6 x 1 tonne