Boral Cement, 2013

Hopper Package

We successfully delivered two dust control discharge hoppers to Boral Cement within a tight timeframe and ahead of schedule over a very busy seasonal period in 2013.

Key to the success of this project was the strong customer service focus from key staff members and the overall commitment from the entire Cargo Handling Equipment team in not only meeting the clients expectations but exceeding them.


QUBE - Port Bunbury, Australia, 2012

Hopper & Bulk Grab Package

We are increasingly focused on developing whole chain bulk handling solutions.  This includes from ship to storage, but also equipment for any handlers of bulk materials that are problematic for dust creation. Our equipment now includes our bulk grabs for ship unloading, while our Enviro-Max hoppers provide a solution for discharging cleanly into trucks and rail cars, with dust control technology ensuring compliance issues are being met. One of the top priorities for companies seeking bulk discharge systems is dust suppression.

Our delivery of hoppers to POAGS Port of Darwin (now known as QUBE) and subsequent repeat order for QUBE - Port of Bunbury, are typical examples.

The combined Hopper and Grab package for QUBE is nearing its completion at our Mount Maunganui site on time.

QUBE - Darwin, Australia, 2010

Hopper & Bulk Grab Package

In 2010, we were tasked with providing a solution for POAGS Darwin operation (now known as QUBE).  This project represented a major research and development effort to deliver what the customer required, in particular assisting the client in complying with strict environmental standards regarding dust emissions.

Australian ports are very conscious of their environmental foot print, especially around dust emissions. As in New Zealand, they often share their harbour resource with recreational users, and want to ensure they are not damaging that resource.

The (then) newly designed and built hoppers weighed approximately 35 tonne each and represented 7500 man hours of work from our design and construction crew. The hoppers provide the vital link between removing bulk cargo from a ship’s hold, and discharging into waiting trucks as swiftly as possible, while emitting as little dust as possible. 

Special discharge spouts automatically adjust according to the height of the load in the waiting truck, sucking dust back up into the hopper rather than losing it to the atmosphere.

As part of the complete package supplied to POAGS, three diesel hydraulic bulk grabs were supplied aiding in the unloading operation. These grabs were also newly designed and incorporated the latest mobile control system technology.

Northern Stevedoring Services, 2010

Townsville, Australia

We designed and built two mechanical chain operated bulk grabs for Northern Stevedoing Services operation in 2010. 

We have subsequently supplied another order of the same model grab for this client.

International Stevedoring Operations

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

ISO - International Stevedoring Operations, are one of Page Macrae Engineering's largest customers of our Log Lifter product.  We have also supplied them Mechanical Bulk Grabs.

Southern Cross Stevedoring, 2011

Napier, New Zealand

Page Macrae Engineering designed and built six mechanical chain operated bulk grabs for Southern Cross Stevedoring's Napier operation in 2009.

We have since supplied this client a subsequent order for an upgraded model of this grab in 2011.

Port of Tauranga - Coal Silos

Downer Engineering/Works Infrastructure

We manufactured and installed 3x 500 tonne load out silos for the Port of Tauranga's coal handling facility in Mount Maunganui, along with assisting in other mechanical works.