The high load and high impact business of bulk cargo loading and discharge requires a grab that withstands extreme demands, and keeps on operating faultlessly.

PM Grabs is the result of 50 years engineering excellence at parent company Page Macrae Engineering, aimed at designing and building quality cargo handling equipment.

With this history built on cargo handling equipment, PM Grabs have focussed that expertise on developing superior, robust grabs that meet the requirements of the most demanding load situations, shift in shift out.Working closely with their customers, PM Grabs produce class leading equipment that can be developed to specific customer requirements.

Diesel Hydraulic Bulk Grab

Radio Remote Clamshell


 Low operating height
 Low noise High productivity
 High digging capacity
 Difficult discharging situations  

The Diesel Hydraulic Series grabs combine the versatility of PM Grabs’ conventional Remote Release Grabs with the infinite discharge control of diesel hydraulic operation. Discharge times can be maximised even in the most demanding conditions where dust emission concerns are high and mean the use of mechanical remote release grabs is compromised. 

In recognition of this, Page Macrae were proud recipients of the Australian Bulk Handling Innovative Technology Award for 2010. The environmentally friendly diesel hydraulic bulk grab was also a finalist in the 2010 IBJ Awards (International Bulk Journal) in Europe, competing against major bulk grab manufacturers around the world.

Mechanical Bulk Grab

Wire or Chain Clamshell


 Low operating cost
 High productivity
 High digging capacity  

Our standard bulk grab features a low centre of gravity and compact arm positioning, giving the grab a tighter operating profile, while serrated bucket teeth edges with a unique angle of seal combined with overlapping blade seal design makes this grab the ideal solution to dealing with difficult fine cargos like soda ash and fertiliser.